Happy Festival Of Popular Delusions Day!

June 5th is Festival Of Popular Delusions Day. The festival began in Germany on June 5th, 1945 which is one year after D-Day and one day before the one year anniversary. It marks the last day the Nazi’s were able to delude themselves that they would rule the Earth for a thousand years. Festival Of […]

National Psychic Week

Close National Psychic Week It’s National Psychic Week. You Are Fine, How Are We? Our semi-annual holiday card celebrates National Psychic Week which is the first week of August. — See also: Pi(e) Day Pancake Day Bastille Day Day Of The Dead Moon Day

Pi(e) Day!

Sunday March 14th (3/14) is Pie (Pi) Day. It is also Albert Einstein’s birthday. These are the photos we created for our Pie Day cards we sent out to family and friends. See also: Pancake Day Bastille Day Day Of The Dead Moon Day

Happy Pancake Day!

In the spirit of the Bastille Day Card and the Day Of The Dead Card we have created the Shrove Tuesday Card. Close Happy Pancake Day Shrove Tuesday (aka “Pancake Day”) is the day before Lent which begins on Ash Wednesday. Forty days is a long time and it’s your last chance to get in […]

Happy Day Of The Dead Card

Close Happy Day Of The Dead View On Black In keeping with our idea of sending out non-traditional holiday cards, this is the picture we created for our Dia De Los Muertos card.

Happy (Early) Bastille Day!

Close Happy Bastille Day Every Saturday we have breakfast at our regular spot and all the staff there know us on sight. We really like it there and they treat us well. It’s one of those places where you place your order and sit down. When your order’s ready they call your name and you […]