Spring Is Here

My apologies to the half dozen or so readers of my blog. I’ve just not felt the inspiration to post much lately. The nice thing about getting out and visiting new places is that I find lots to things to take pictures of and write about. But there’s always a lull when I get back […]

Leave Me Bee!

A few days ago I noticed a huge pile of bees under our front window. We called the exterminator and they took care of them. Turns out they had not successfully established a hive and were relatively easy to get rid of which saved us a few hundred buck as a hive removal is costly. […]

Landscape Lighting

Close Landscape Lighting I am not the handiest guy around. I can manage the technical stuff, but when it comes to home maintenance and improvement I like to “leave it to the professionals.” I’ve been wanting some landscape lighting for awhile now. For decorative as well as security purposes. I decided I would go to […]

Tool User

Close Magnetism to the rescue! When you have your roof replaced, it generates a lot of waste as a byproduct. For the most part, the crew did a good job of loading it all into trucks and hauling it away. Several truckloads of debris by my reckoning. Unexpected, but not surprising, some nails ended up […]

Hammer Time

We’ve been through a few hail storms over the years. I rather regretted not contacting the insurance company to have a look at the roof after seeing many of our neighbors getting new roofs on each occassion. We knew our roof was getting to a point where it would need to be replaced and were […]


As I watch this unfold the tune from The Great Escape is playing in my mind’s ear…

Close Foundation Repair Close Foundation Repair Close Foundation Repair


They say there are two kinds of houses in Houston. Those that need foundation repair and those that will need foundation repair. We just changed from the second to the first category. The jackhammer is freaking out the birds a little. The house is vibrating, and not in the good way. Thanks god I’m not […]

Spring Is Springing

One of the first things we did when we bought this house many years ago was have some new landscaping done. Part of that landscaping was three, small Bottlebrush Trees. Over the years they’ve grown and now extend past the rooftop of the house. Each spring they explode with blooms and the end result is […]

Fixin A Hole

As I was going through my morning routine on Thursday I noticed a brown stain that looked like coffee on the counter next to the sink. My brain is not at it’s best first thing in the morning and I was trying to puzzle out how I managed to spill coffee in the bathroom. Coming […]