View Larger Map Cynthia and I have booked the flight and the hotel for a week in Copenhagen. Should be very interesting around Christmas time. Much like our trip to Brussels last year it’s going to be cold. Average temperatures don’t tend to exceed 40° on any given day. There are only about 7-8 hours […]

Danish Kroner

Close Danish Kroner We’ve traveled to the U.K. so we’re familiar with the GBP aka Pound Sterling (£) and we’ve been to Europe a few times so we quite familiar with the Euro (€) but our upcoming trip to Copenhagen, Denmark will be our first adventure in Scandinavia. In Denmark they have not adopted the […]

Soon, Copenhagen

Our second annual winter holiday trip is coming up. This year it’s Copenhagen, Denmark (last year it was Brussels, Belgium). Currently the highs are in the low to mid 30’s and the lows are down in the mid 20’s (Fahrenheit) so it’s pleny cold there. Hopefully snow! We travel as light as we can, only […]

Christmas Miracle In Copenhagen

We’ve arrived safely, but not without incident in Copenhagen. I decided to pack quite a bit of camera gear for this trip. The new A850, the Zeiss 24-70mm f/2.8 along with several fast, prime lenses for low light shooting and a variety of accessories including my nice flash gun and other sorted items. Managing my […]

Copenhagen Day 1 Part 1

My catch phrase for this trip is “Every photo I take is a blessing” as an ongoing reference to the Copenhagen Christmas Miracle. Once we got checked in to the hotel we decided to head out and do a little sightseeing. At this point we’re pretty jet lagged, but the adrenaline rush of the near […]

Copenhagen Day 2 Part 1

Sunday in Copenhagen. Overcast with some light rain here and there. About 35 degrees. We bundle up and take off to wander around a bit in the Nayhvn area. Close The lack of sunshine makes everything rather dull and drab. The photos are suffering! Still, I am happy to have my camera and I recognize […]

Copenhagen Day 2 Part 2

Close The goal for this night was to walk from the hotel down the Strøget to Nyhavn for some night shots and then down to the waterfront to see if the new opera house might be worth taking a photo of. I loaded up the camera, some lenses as well as the tripod and my […]


I am always up for trying local customs and foods. I ate haggis in Scotland and liked it. The breakfast buffet at the hotel has pickled herring so I thought I would give it a try. It is a local delicacy after all. Cynthia documented the event.

Copenhagen Day 3 Part 2

After our great day visiting the castle and seeing The Little Mermaid we rested for a bit in the hotel. Next on the agenda was Tivoli Gardens to see the lights and witness the fireworks show. The park opened on August 15, 1843 and is, with the exception of Dyrehavsbakken in nearby Klampenborg, the oldest […]