Soon, Copenhagen

Our second annual winter holiday trip is coming up. This year it’s Copenhagen, Denmark (last year it was Brussels, Belgium).

Currently the highs are in the low to mid 30’s and the lows are down in the mid 20’s (Fahrenheit) so it’s pleny cold there. Hopefully snow! We travel as light as we can, only carrying a backpack and a camera bag. This year my backpack is lighter due to the discovery of the fleece hoody

So warm! So comfortable! A few t-shirts, this hoody, a heavy coat with gloves, scarf and knit hat and I am good to go with the winter wear!

And I am not relegating the hoody to just cold weather travel. Oh no. I am going to pass on the cardigan sweater phase of my old age and just wear one of these to fend off the cold drafts, con sarnit!

4 thoughts on “Soon, Copenhagen

  1. Search google for “boba fett hoodie”. They have one that looks like Boba Fett’s armor that yuo can zip clear up over your head so that you look like you’re wearing his helmet. It is beyond awesome. 🙂

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