Poor Impulse Control

Cynthia e-mailed me this morning saying: OK- I’ve suddenly been bitten by the travel bug. I can be talked out of it though. Go ahead and tell me why it wouldn’t be a great idea to fly to Brussels for Christmas!!!!!! I couldn’t think of a single reason… 3 hours later we have our flight […]

Beer And Spiders

Close Cynthia @ The Dumon Chocolate Shop in Bruge 2005 We’ve been to Belgium once before, specifically Bruges. Long time readers of this blog might recall the “Maiming Of The Nose” incident where we had to rush Cynthia to the hospital after arriving on the train from Amsterdam. When plotting the previous trip our friend […]

Shiny Euros

Close Shiny Euros We have received our travelin’ Euros for the upcoming trip. I love the colour of European money. The holograms are so pretty. It’s like play money in that it doesn’t look real, but it also evokes the passion I associate with travel. Having Euros in hand makes the whole thing more “real”, […]

Travelling Digitalia

Close Digitalia I think I have the tech for the upcoming trip to Brussels sorted out. The G1 Android has been unlocked and I have been in communication with Belgacom and they indicate I should be able to pick up a “pay as you go” SIM card for my phone that will allow me to […]

Winter Coats

Close Winter Coat Hello dalink, have you seen moose and squirrel? Close Winter Coat We have acquired new winter coats along with hats, gloves and wool socks. We’re also packing scarves. Highs in Brussels are in the 40’s and lows are near or below freezing.

Soon, Brussels

Grote Markt (Grand Place), Brussels Belgium. Close Grand Place No, I did not take this photo. I grabbed it from the Winter Wonders Web site. We leave in a few short days and I find myself hyperventilating with anticipation. We’ve done our preliminary test packing and it looks like we’ll be able to fit most […]

Final Preparations

Close Passport Man, I am going to miss this passport when it’s time to renew it in a few years. It has all my stamps in it! Time is growing short and we’re making the final preparations to leave the country. Dooley has been dropped off at Adventures In Birds. They’ll board him till we […]

Bon Voyage

This trip to Belgium is our Christmas present to each other. We leave in an hour. William is coming with us. Happy holidays, everyone!

Brussels – Day 1

We’ve arrived in Brussels without incident. The plane ride went smooth and we easily sorted getting the train from the airport to Central Station for a mere €2.80 a piece and and before you know it, we were checking into our hotel which is literally across the street from Central Station. I was amused to […]