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Self Portrait


Cynthia continues to chug away at the scrapbook for the trip to Spain. She’s completed Madrid, Seville, Segovia and Toledo.

Granada and Barcelona are going to be HUGE.

She’s already filled 1 1/2 giant binders full of photos, ephemera and her own recollections of the vacation. I bet this will be 4-6 binders by the time it’s done.

This has propelled me forward in processing my photos. I have completed the following galleries here at

Madrid Gallery
Mardid - Retiro Park
Madrid – Retiro Park
Madrid - Segway Tour
Madrid – Segway Tour
Seville - Alcazar
Seville – Alcazar
Granada - the Alhambra
Granada – The Alhambra

There’s a partial gallery for Barcelona, but it is not complete.

Oh, and I should not forget the nearly complete gallery for William The Well Travelled Sheep

William The Sheep in Spain!

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I was dinking around with the LOLCat generator over at I Can Has Cheezburger? awhile back and today one of my pics made it to the front page!

Perm link is here

Zoo Portrait

Excursion To The Houston Zoo

Cynthia and I decided we’d go to the zoo and renew our memberships and take a walk through since it was such a lovely day. Once we took care of the renewal we headed head straight for the Meerkat exhibit, only to find it choked off with a wacky batch of seniors with an over abundance of very elaborate camera gear…

There were about 6 of them with high powered lenses, tripods and tricked out flash units not to mention backpacks, camera vests and various other sundry gear. It was rather comical, to say the least.

This guy was the most “loaded for bear” of them all…

Despite the camouflage, I am fairly certain the meerkats saw him in the abundant sunlight.

Here’s a few of what I was able to capture using my limited equipment…

click for full size

click for full size

Those seem a little sad so here’s a cute photo of the baby Orangutan playing peek-a-boo with a red blanket

click for full size

And here’s a pretty bird from the aviary

click for full size


Vintage animated GIFS on my home page
Not only that, they’re makin’ obscure and pretentious references…


Is Full Of …

Laurence Simon, developing his mad broadcasting skills.

Photo by Groovehouse

Oh, The Vanity!

According to Flickr, these are my top 25 photos rated in order of “interestingness” ….

Top 25 Most Interesting Photos

1. Classy Chassis Car Show – Fake Miniature, 2. Architecture of the Quilt – MFAH, 3. Macro of flower, 4. Vanishing Point, 5. Lizardo, 6. Minding The Store, 7. Cockrell Butterfly Center, 8. Gee’s Bend Architecture of the Quilt – MFAH, 9. Tiki Heads and Elvis, 10. Triumph, 11. Reflections, 12. Rooftop, 13. Yellow Python, 14. Williams Tower – Twilight, 15. Cockrell Butterfly Center, 16. My first Guinness in Ireland, 17. 3700 Main St., 18. Caught in the rain, 19. Shroom In Bloom, 20. Inside Looking On, 21. Umbrella Shop, 22. DJ Amanda Robinson, 23. Dweezil and Frank, 24. Ruby-throated Hummingbird, 25. Ragin Cajun Christmas (Crawdad Claus)

Grocery Store Wars

Here’s 5 minutes and 48 seconds or your life you won’t get back…

Oh Possum, Where Art Thou?

At Cynthia’s office there’s been an ongoing battle with an opossum that has taken up residence in a tree next to the parking garage. The creature has been hissing at people as they pass by so her employer tasked building management with its removal.

This has been going on for a few weeks now.
They’ve set a live animal trap, but to date have only captured the occasional stray cat.

I’ve been sending opossum pics to Cynthia’s work e-mail so she can taunt the failures of the opossum squad.

I found a good one that I decided to give the LOLcat treatment…

It was inspired by one I found and sent earlier

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