Payin’ my dues

I had a flat this morning.
Fortunately I caught it before the tire totally deflated so I was able to call AAA to have them come out to the house and change it for me.

I mostly keep the membership for the Cutlass, but it’s nice to have for situations like this.

Wow, I’ve been a member for 30 years now.


We love having feeders in the yard to attract the birds. Cynthia has even gone a step further and buys a cheap loaf of bread so that she can put some out when she gets home from work.

We’ve got tons of sparrows, Ricky and Lucy our mated pair of Cardinals, the occasional Mockingbird, plenty of Doves, a screeching Blue Jay and the House Finches.

We also have squirrels.

We keep trying to find a way to keep them off the feeders but it’s no use. They have all day, every day to ponder and scrutinize the situation and formulate their plans.

They’re a 24/7 think-tank of diabolical, food absconding EVIL with one objective…

Our feeders!

Damn their furry hides!

Gull pics from Bolivar

I have a fond memory of reading the book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach during the early 70’s. It was a very popular and inspirational story in my youth and it came highly recommended to me by many of my friends.

It’s one of those memories that looses detail over the years but gains in mental and emotional significance because it marks a change in mental state. I have not read it again since that first and only time, and I am rather certain it would not have anything close to the same effect on me today as it did back then so I choose not to re-read it.

Rather, I choose to let my flawed and scattered recollection tickle my consciousness each and every time I find myself near the beach with an opportunity to feed the seagulls.

In doing that, I reach back and make a connection with a distant but pleasant memory. And maybe, just maybe the serenity and joy I experience in that moment is the true benefit of having nurtured this fond memory for over 30 years.

At least I hope so, because otherwise I am just giving free bread to a bunch of filthy sea pigeons.

Bolivar Ferry

As mentioned previously, Cynthia and I went to Bolivar on whim a few Saturdays ago when the sun was bright and the sky was blue.

I managed to talk her into riding the ferry which was an accomplishment in and of itself since she HATES boats.

She actually ended up enjoying the experience and it was a great opportunity to take pictures.


I am the mighty Sea Grackle!

See me dance my Sea Grackle dance!

Aren’t you Seagulls impressed?

Well? Aren’t you?