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I Want My, I Want My, I Want My O.E.D.

Since the beginning of our relationship, on occasion, Cynthia would get a wistful look in her eye and say to me “Jay, if we ever win the lottery, I’m buying an O.E.D.

I’ve always told her we should just buy one, but it was an extravagance she would not indulge as they are rather expensive. As she has a degree in library science, I’ve always thought she should have one but knew she would frown on me if I paid out the asking price.

Over the years I’ve asked if she would consider the condensed or mini-version of the O.E.D. and she would flatly say no. In more recent years the O.E.D. has been made available in CD ROM format but Cynthia would have none of it.

Last week as I was tinkering around on the Internet I casually typed Oxford English Dictionary into Google. The first search result was an page offering the O.E.D. for $332.00. This was around $800 off off the list price which translates to roughly $600 off the price of most booksellers.

I could not believe what I was seeing.

I checked to make sure it was not the CD ROM – It wasn’t
I checked to make sure it was the 20 volume hard cover set. – It was
I checked to make sure it was being sold by Amazon and not one of their partners – It was

I thought about it and thought I should just buy this and surprise Cynthia. But I couldn’t just move on it without really making sure this was the same thing she wanted and not some abridged version or factory second or something.

I decided to show her the web page.

Like me, she was skeptical. As I suspected she would be.

We tried just searching from the Amazon page and not one of the results returned was the page we were viewing.

We both were very unsure and we even said in unison “If it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t.” It just didn’t add up. How could it be that they would sell this item, BRAND NEW, at such a discounted price. After some more discussion we agreed to give it a pass.

I had the next day off and I couldn’t let it go. If what I was seeing was correct I had the opportunity to acquire the O.E.D. for not much more than the CD ROM version which runs around $250. This would be a chance to score major spouse points!

I checked it again and I verified the return policy and I ordered it. Of course I couldn’t keep a secret and I told Cynthia. She was dubious but hopeful but didn’t allow herself to get her hopes up too terribly much.

Well, they arrived this evening. 5 boxes containing the 20 fat volumes of the Oxford English Dictionary. Individually shrink-wrapped and in perfect condition. It’s an impressive resource.

Cynthia’s in hog heaven and may not get any sleep tonight….

Breaking News

Breaking News: Series Of Concentric Circles Emanating From Glowing Red Dot

Looking For Someone?

1. Go to Google.
2. Type “find chuck norris”
3. click “I’m feeling lucky”

Sir New England James Alan

Sir New England James Alan

Sir New England James Alan of The Light Rock Express



Lone Bumper Car

Lone Bumper Car

For The Birds

Cynthia baked a lemon cake from a recipe she found. After it was done she sampled it an pronounced it “inedible.”

In keeping with our “Waste Not, Want Not” policy she decided to offer it up to the birds in the yard…

The birds seemed to agree with Cynthia’s initial assessment and left the cake uneaten and in tact, even after sprinkling it with bird seed to entice them.

Un paseo en el Sol

International Comment on Blogs Day

Christine over at has declared January 31, 2008 to be International Comment on Blogs Day

No more blurking, you guys! Leave the feedreaders behind, hop on into the browser and say something.

Blurking…it’ a perfectly cromulent word….

I have taken it upon myself to modify this to be International Comment on Blogs and Trackback Day. In that spirit I not only link to Christine’s post, I also link to Charles over at who alerted me to this via this post.

Google Maps Street View Is Right Behind You

From The Vacationeers

Two young men take a turn down the wrong street view.

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