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Big Brother Is Making Your Music Video

Spotted at The Telegraph

The Get Out Clause, Manchester stars of CCTV

Unable to afford a proper camera crew and equipment, The Get Out Clause, an unsigned band from the city, decided to make use of the cameras seen all over British streets. They set up their equipment, drum kit and all, in eighty locations around Manchester ““ including on a bus ““ and proceeded to play to the cameras. Afterwards they wrote to the companies or organisations involved and asked for the footage under the Freedom of Information Act.

I For One Welcome Our New Ant Overlords

With another blistering summer firing up and an in-place population of any number of unpleasant bugs and critters, life in Houston may be getting just a little more unpleasant as we find ourselves being invaded by a species of ant that seems to be impervious to pesticides and has an appetite for electronics.

Exotic Texas Ant, Paratrechina also known as the Crazy Ant or the “Raspberry Ant” (named for Tom Rasberry who discovered them) stands to make his mark our humble little town.

Mentioned at Engaget this horrifying little creature has captured the limelight and is making headlines all over the web.

They have been known to short out many different types of electrical apparatuses. In some cases the ants have caused several thousand dollars in damage and remedial costs. These ants often cause great annoyance to residents and businesses.

For now they seem to be mostly in the South and the East…near the chemical plants oddly enough.

(queue 50’s sci-fi music).




I’ve already had one support call where the user jokingly suggested the problem with our Blackberry Enterprise Server might be a result of Crazy Ant infestation…har har…Rasberry, Blackberry, get it? Ugh!

On the plus side, these “Crazy” Ants seem to eat Fire Ants so they could be a boon to our area.

Now playing – Cheepnis by Frank Zappa

Ladies and gentlemen,
The monster,
Which the peasants in this area call FRUNOBULAX
(Apparently a very large poodle dog)
Has just been seen approaching The Power Plant
Bullets can’t stop it
Rockets can’t stop it
We may have to use NUCLEAR FORCE !

Baby Loves Disco?

When I first read this I thought Baby Loves Disco must be a hoax or a prank but it looks like the real thing. Imagine your local disco filled up with parents and their toddler, preschoolers and pre-adolescents moving to the groove.

The fun spills out from all corners of the club: bubble machines, baskets of scarves and egg-shakers, a chill-out room (with tents, books and puzzles), diaper changing stations, a full spread of healthy snacks and dancing, LOTS of dancing.

Sounds like a rave for children!

As this video from points out, these folks manage to inculcate in our youth the finer points of bar culture…

I can only imagine that this is a precursor to a much more violent and subversive movement that will inevitably be called Baby Loves Mosh Pits.

I grew up with disco and it’s my cross to bear but I just can’t imagine inflicting it on someone too young to defend themselves.

Hello therapy!

41 Hours In An Elevator

Pilfered from Groovehouse’s blog.

Time-lapsed video showing Nicholas White trapped in an elevator in the McGraw-Hill Building in New York City for 41 hours in 1999.

Give Me Coffee

Give Me Coffee

Give Me Coffee

One good thing about these high end hotels where we hold our sales conference is the the hotel’s commitment to providing an abundance of coffee in the morning.

Speaking of coffee, I had the oddest dream the other night. In my dream there was an online service where you could upload your unused coffee to a web site to make it available to others to download free of charge.

It was for those times when you brew a pot of coffee, but don’t finish it. It wasn’t for uploading a half drunk cup of used coffee though I could see that as a potential abuse of the service.

Cynthia tells me it strikes her as a very “Jay-like” dream. I have to agree.

Hi Ho Expired Inspection Sticker!

On my side of town they’ve been beefing up the police presence up ever since the various home owner’s associations took the city and Mayor White to task over the rise in violent crime we been experiencing ever since that fateful day in 2005.

As a property owner and and old man, I am getting to where I can appreciate a more visible police presence and it doesn’t bother me a bit to see an extra squad car sitting in the median, keeping an eye on things.

As I was driving home today and sitting in the stop and go rush hour traffic I see that they’ve taken things up a notch…

Mounted Police

Apparently the Houston Police are using their mounted patrols to monitor the traffic and look for things like expired inspection stickers and out of date registrations. Fortunately my car is completely up to date so I had nothing to worry about.

Mounted Police

Don't make me get of this here horse!

I sure hope photographing cops on horseback isn’t an arrestable offence!

There were anywhere from 4-5 of these guys up and down the street along with several squad cars in the local O’Reilly Auto Parts parking lot where busted offenders were being issued citations…and I presume being checked for warrants and so forth.

Mounted Police

I know some people will find this behavior an affront to their civil sensibilities, but I say more power to ’em! You see the squad cars all the time watching for the same type of behavior. By utilizing the mounted police the city telegraphs a stronger police presence which will hopefully help as a crime deterrent.

Mounted Police

Haul U-Haul Haul

Check out this recent news story from local ABC affiliate Channel 13:

U-Haul chase ends in Brays Bayou

Anyone familiar with my band, The Flying Fish Sailors, has likely heard the song Greg wrote called Haul U-Haul Haul which is a spoof of a sailor’s hauling shanty and is about moving domiciles using a dilapidated U-Haul truck.

The similarities between the song and the news story are eerie…

So an officer came in a great big cruiser
The aquarium tipped and we started to lose her
Then I saw me a sight that made me shiver
As the truck dove nose first into the river
When I got to shore I was damn near drowned
As I watched that truck floating right out of town
So I sat in jail “˜til the very next day Sir
With the mileage fee just a’tickin’ away Sir
But from all this pain one thing I’ve learned Sir
Well the next time I move I’ll just buy new furniture

For those unfamiliar with the song I have added it to this post for your listening enjoyment.

Tron Light Cycles Scene Recreated Using Cardboard

The light cycle scene in Tron was on of my favorites of the whole movie. This video i simply amazing…

by freres-hueon
Cthulhu dot com

fhtagn-dazs.jpgI have owned the domain since 1998 when it inexplicably became available to be registered after being one of the first Internet domains created. I’ve generally had the domain pointed at or as I’ve been quite lazy about creating any Cthulhu specific content. There’s been the odd thing here and there, but nothing lasting or involved.

What with it being an election year I decided to throw something up and voila! Cthulhu For President now has an official site. I’m still looking for content and direction. I’ve got feelers/tentacles out to my like minded friends so we’ll see what develops. If you know any artists or writers that might want to contribute, send them my way.

Right now the site has been put up on so it’s getting a lot of hits and is in the process of going up and down, along with the other sites hosted on the server, so don’t be feel compelled to tell me you can’t reach it if you can’t reach it. I am already aware.

Robot Building

On our way to dinner tonight Cynthia and I were both struck by how much the new hospital building going up on I-10 near Gessner looked like a giant robot…

Robot Building

Interestingly enough, there’s a whole Flickr group dedicated to photographs of things that look like a robot and it’s called, you guessed it, “Things That Look Like A Robot

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