Italy – 2012

I know, I know. This blog has been mostly neglected since our trip to Barcelona and Valencia for Las Fallas in 2011. I’ve been mostly on Facebook as it is a great place to consolidate. You can find me over there at I may not add you as a friend, but you are welcome […]

Stresscon 3

We’re in final preparations for the trip to Italy and I am at StressCon 3. Flight and hotels have been booked, rail passes secured, initial packing done as well as sorting out exactly which photo gear I will be taking on this trip. To complicate things, I have a business trip to Orlando during the […]

Arrival Venice

We caught our flight from Houston to Frankfort late in the afternoon on Thursday and then caught our connecting flight to Venice the following Friday without much incident. Our short hop to Venice had no gate assigned when we arrived so there was a little frustration there, but not a big deal. After arriving in […]

Venice – The Crowds

To say Venice is crowded would be an understatement. Honestly, I don’t recall it being so jammed packed with tourists like this back in 2005 when we visited the first time. St. Mark’s Square is the worst with lines of tourist queuing up to gain entry to the cathedral and to the Doge’s Palace. Then […]

Venice At Night

Ever since visiting Venice in 2005 I regretted not getting out and doing some night photography. I was going to go out and take some photos on our last night, but sadly it was raining. I swore if we ever made it back I would make up for it. This time around the weather cooperated […]

Day Trip – Painted Houses Of Burano

We decided we needed to get out of the crush of humanity that is Venice during the day so we took a boat over to see the painted houses of Burano. We sorted out how to get tickets and board the boat and even get off the boat to catch the second boat that would […]

Venice – Full Circle

I have always treasured this photograph of my grandfather. It shows him standing in front of St. Mark’s Square in 1919 at the end of WWI. When we went to Venice in 2005 I tried to take have my own picture taken in the same spot he was standing. I got close, but there is […]

Venice – The Good And The Bad

Venice was a mixed bag. The downsides: It was crowded with tourists. There were two gigantic cruise ships in port that disgorged their loads each morning. It was VERY expensive. We knew this going in, but it still sucked paying so much for every little thing. It was was hotter than expected. The weather reports […]

From Venice To Florence

On Tuesday, May 1 we wrapped up a successful visit to Venice. We woke up, packed our things and checked out of our hotel and caught a water taxi to Venezia Santa Lucia railway station. We were fairly certain we could book a train to Florence without much trouble. We had our rail passes, but […]