Practical considerations

We are going to pack light for this trip. Our cameras and what will fit in a backpack. Pretty bold for a couple of old fogies like ourselves. I know we will need to restock on the essentials while we are there…that is why I am researching phrases in Dutch, French and Italian Ik wens […]

Shove, stuff, squeeeeeeze

I did a dry run on packing “The Bag” for the trip. Not a lot of room in a bag this size. Sacrifices must be made, compromises must be discovered. Goodbye form, hello functionality. No laptop. I wanted it to store images on and access the Internet when available. Shlepping those extra 6 pounds is […]

All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by…

I was rummaging through some stuff and found my grandfather’s photo albums. My grandfather, J. Lee Sr., (aka “Jack”) was a Lt. (JG) on board the USS Fanning (DD-37) during the World War I. Based at Queenstown, Ireland, Fanning and her sister destroyers patrolled the eastern Atlantic, escorting convoys and rescuing survivors of sunken merchantmen. […]


One of the common threads of our trip to the UK two years ago was the sheep. Cynthia thought they were sooooooooooooo cute and commented (with a smile) each time she saw them. When we were crossing the field to go to Hadrian’s Wall we had to walk through a field of sheep to get […]


So, my friend Bill Shirley has announced his “plan” to go to Belgium, Holland and France in June. I have not even left for my trip (which includes those very same destinations) and I am envious! Good lord, what is wrong with me? To say I am amped up about my own trip would be […]

iPod is go for launch

All the bugs seem to be worked out. The iPod now successfully interfaces with my laptop and with my camera. Yesterday I took my Sony DSC f828 camera and shot 228 5 megapixel images on my 512 MB memory stick. When I arrived home I dined on delicious home made sloppy joes that Cynthia had […]

Not that I am the least bit superstitious…

Legend says that (when visiting Rome) if you toss a coin over your shoulder into Trevi Fountain, you will one day return to the eternal city. To this end Cynthia has packed a 2 pence coin left over from our trip to the UK. We have not even been there yet and we are already […]

Stephen Hawking, Ray Romano, The Simpsons and analogies

Commencing countdown, engines on. If my impending trip to Europe were to be compared to a black hole you might say I have reached the event horizon. Time is slowing down as I am pulled into a singularity that is my vacation… The next few days stretch out before me in what seems to be […]