The Vagrant

I was approached today by an operative from our UK branch (code name “The Brit” and sometimes referred to as Tin) who worked with me while conducting surveillance of one William the Sheep. It was suspected that William might be a high level officer of the notorious BAA! network and might be engaged in subterfuge […]

Galway – Day 1

Arrived in Galway without any problem. Houston to Chicago with a 40 minute layover. Turns out the connecting flight was just on gate over in the very same terminal. Luggage arrived safely and I caught a cab from the airport in Shannon to the Marriot in Galway. I didn’t really sleep on the plane so […]

Irish Biker

Stumbled upon an Irish biker bar. Haven’t gone in yet. Lots of BMW motorcycles parked out front.

Irish Princess(es)

Click for full size Wandering around, shooting pictures. Feel a tug on the pant leg. Look down. See child. “Hey Mister, please take our picture:” Scan for parents. Daddy nods. “OK, gather round” “SMIIIILE” *click* Elated children squeal with joy. Ahhhh, Ireland…..

Photos of things that made me hum an Irish tune

Click for full size Farewell to your bricks and mortar, farewell to your dirty lies Farewell to your gangers and gang planks And to hell with your overtime For the good ship Ragamuffin, she’s lying at the quay For to take oul Pat with a shovel on his back To the shores of Botany Bay […]

Sighting of The Vagrant

Click for full size Spotted The Vagrant outside of Galway. As it happened, I was joining my friend Owen and his family at their lovely home for lunch. Wouldn’t you know, Mr. Finn and The Vagrant are old pals. An Irishman? A sheep? No good can come of this! Trust no one….

Time to explore, time to reflect

Keeping in mind that the baldheretic server is operating on local time in Houston, posts that appear to be made at 6:00 pm are actually going up around midnight due to the time difference. In essence, I am blogging to my US readers from the not so distant future. No flying cars or jet packs, […]

Travelling Fuel

It feels good to have been at the Galway office today. I got to meet/see again many of my Irish co-workers. It’s a good atmosphere there. We made plans for initial phase of the domain migration and we’re pushing that part through this evening. We’ll see how it went when we get in tomorrow morning. […]