Back in September of 2005, about one month into my then new gig blogging for the Houston Chronicle, I published my answer to what I thought was a fairly unique problem with limited relevance to the general computing community. Someone had contacted me with a problem. It seems that their computer display had turned sideways […]

Darker Side Of LOLCats

For some reason this recent LOLCat cracked me right heck up. Maybe it’s the indirect reference to Jin-Soo Kwon because I am a total geek for that show. Still, it’s a little dark as far as LOLCats go. Reminds me of the one a created awhile back… I am sure this was a result of […]


In our downtime we’ve been checking out Spanish TV. The only option in English is a European version of CNN which covers a LOT of information about the global market (yawn) … There’s one station that has taken very odd American shows and dubbed them into German … ??? Cynthia’s currently hooked on a TeleMadrid […]

TV Time

Got a call from Jeff Ehling over at the local ABC affiliate (Channel 13). He was putting together a story to tie in to the recent FBI press release regarding botnet cyber crime and needed a geek talking head. Lord knows there’s no talking head geekier than yours truly and despite my fear of being […]

Good Morning Houston

So the interview on ABC 13 went well, I think. 2 minutes and 27 seconds was the total time. You can view it on Jeff Ehling’s blog by clicking here. I enjoyed the experience. The staff that makes up the Sunday morning crew made me feel welcome and at ease. Elissa Rivas conducted the actual […]

Video called the radio star

Speaking of Y2K7, I will be in ABC Channel 13 this Sunday morning at around 9:00am. If you remember to spring forward and are awake at that hour be sure and tune in. They’re using me (again) as a “technology expert” talking head. This time for a piece they’re doing on the Y2K7 issue. You […]

Y2K7 (The sky is falling)*

What with the upcoming time change for those of us who server under the yoke of Daylight Savings Time, this weekend is going to be interesting. As you are probably aware, we are getting to celebrate early this year thanks to the Energy Policy Act of 2005. We’re having bit of a mini Y2K event. […]

Reminded once again that I have a face for radio

I got an e-mail from my friend over at ABC13.COM. He wanted to know if I was available to be interviewed by Jeff Ehling who’s the consumer reporter for the local ABC affiliate here in Houston. They were doing a piece on the proper way to delete data and dispose of old computers. Unlike certain […]

Fair and Balanced

Got an e-mail last night from Ned Hibbard over at the local Fox affiliate. They were doing a piece on the discovery of the Quicktime vulnerability that’s getting a little “buzz” as we kick of the Month of Apple Bugs. He wanted to know if he could send a camera guy over to the radio […]