A Geek Loves His Toys

For this trip we have 1 iPhone, 1 iPad, 1 GoPro Hero 3, 1 Tep Wireless 3G Hotspot and 1 Garmin GPS. Keeping these charged in the car presents certain…challenges.

My Screen Is Sideways

This month marks 4 years since I posted the above Q&A for my Helpline Blog at The Houston Chonicle. Since that time, “My screen is sideways” has generated over 700 comments from all over the world from people who have encountered this problem. I really thought the problem was too esoteric and almost didn’t publish […]

New Toy

The old PC has become a little cumbersome for my image editing needs and I had pretty much come to the conclusion that a new computer was in order. My current Windows box is a AMD Athlon 64 I purchased in February of 2006. Even when it was new it as not all that great […]

Technology Expert?

I was asked if I was available for an interview for ABC 13 for a segment on social networking. In the piece that aired on the 4:00 pm news I briefly explained the basics of Facebook and Twitter. This aired on ABC http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/video?id=6814053 These are the extended interviews that did not make the air but […]

Implementing Video

I just got a Flip Mino HD to play with and am thinking of doing some video on the upcoming trip to Spain like I did in Belgium over Christmas. My first thought was to simply host the videos on my web site and embed them. I had this working more or less with the […]

Final Preparations

Close Passport Man, I am going to miss this passport when it’s time to renew it in a few years. It has all my stamps in it! Time is growing short and we’re making the final preparations to leave the country. Dooley has been dropped off at Adventures In Birds. They’ll board him till we […]

Talkin’ Netbooks

I was interviewed by ABC Channel 13’s consumer reporter Jeff Ehling about Netbooks. See the video online at ABC13.COM by clicking this link.

Travelling Digitalia

Close Digitalia I think I have the tech for the upcoming trip to Brussels sorted out. The G1 Android has been unlocked and I have been in communication with Belgacom and they indicate I should be able to pick up a “pay as you go” SIM card for my phone that will allow me to […]

Shiny Euros

Close Shiny Euros We have received our travelin’ Euros for the upcoming trip. I love the colour of European money. The holograms are so pretty. It’s like play money in that it doesn’t look real, but it also evokes the passion I associate with travel. Having Euros in hand makes the whole thing more “real”, […]

Touch The Android

When it comes to mobile computing I’m not a Mac or a PC. I’m an Android! That’s right, I am now the proud owner of what has come to be called the Google Phone. Officially, it’s the G1 from T-Mobile. The phone itself is made by HTC and runs the an open source operating system […]