Table Top Roller Derby

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Houston Roller Derby – Ring Of Fire

I was looking forward to this month’s roller derby match as I knew it would be a good chance to put the new lens through it’s paces. Shooting sports in low light presents a unique set of optical challenges and I figured the new toy would be up to the task, and it was. I […]

Houston Roller Derby – Governor’s Cup

I’ve decided the candid shots are better than the actions shots for me. I can capture action but it’s just not that compelling to me. Besides, there’s several photographers there who seem to specialize in the action shots. The new lens came through in a big way: Click for full size Click for full size […]

Julio E. Glasses

Bowie Ibarra (aka Julio E. Glasses), Color Announcer for The Texas Roller Girls. Click for full size I was struck by how the roller derby rink was reflecting in his sunglasses. Click to see the full sized image and you’ll see what I mean….

Houston Roller Derby photography – Round 2

I was kind of astonished with the results of the 28-75mm 2.8 Tamron Some of the action shots came out pretty well. I still like the non-action candids better, but it’s good to flex the camera muscles in both arenas. The rest are in my Flickr gallery for a limited time.

Houston Roller Derby – Jun 17

This past Sunday I was back at Verizon Wireless Theater, camera in hand, to shoot some roller derby. As I mentioned previously, I wanted to try out the 28-75mm 2.8 to see what results I could get. I had quite a bit of luck, as it turns out. I am still processing the images, so […]

Houston Roller Derby

The Houston Roller Derby has been generating quite a lot of buzz lately. Seems that you can’t turn around in this city without bumping into someone who is either a roller derby girl or one of the myriad volunteers, hanger’s on or ever growing minions of rabid roller derby fans. I work with a roller […]