Mini H-Town

It’s easy to dismiss tilt-shift miniature faking as nothing more than a Photoshop gimmick. But in my opinion, when done right the results are still quite compelling. There’s a method to the madness of the post-processing and even if you put aside the digital chicanery, there’s still the matter of getting the right subject matter […]

Fun Shots From The Trip

While in Valencia I shot a few things with the idea I would process for creativity when I got home. These first two are HDR’s created from 3 separate exposures shot handheld as we were walking about the city: Close Falla In The Mirror Close Scooter And a fake miniature from the Teplar Castle in […]

I Got A Basketball Jones

I was commenting to some friends at one of the recent Geek Gatherings how it had been awhile since I’d been to a basketball game. I’m not a huge huge fan, but Cynthia is. I enjoy it well enough but the real joy is watching Cynthia watch the game. Turns out the person I was […]

Toy Cars (Not Really)

Close Brussels Automobile Museum – Belgium Close Brussels Automobile Museum – Belgium Close Brussels Automobile Museum – Belgium Having some fun with some pictures I took at Autoworld in Brussels. They just lend themselves to fake tilt-shift foolery.

Table Top Roller Derby

Close Table Top Roller Derby Close Table Top Roller Derby Click images to view larger version. Best if viewed large. You’re missing out if you don’t view large.

Car Show Miniature

The Classy Chassis Car Show provided ample fodder for some more fake models. I know they’re cheezy, but I like ‘em. You might recall Mini-Urquhart Castle and Mini-Arc D’Triumph posted previously. When executing this eye/mind trick it’s good to have a strong down angle. It lends itself quite well to the table-top miniature illusion. Slightly […]

Welcome to Camelot! (It’s just a model) SHHHHHHHHH!

Continuing to experiment with simulated tilt-shift. I suppose I will eventually need to just break down and buy a lens. This is infinitely cheaper, though. Urquhart Castle from a picture I took on our trip to the UK a few years back. This is the St. Angel Bridge in Rome from last years European vacation […]