Iceland In Black And White

There are so many good color photos of Iceland that decided it might be interesting to process a few of my long exposure waterfall images in black and white. These are the results. Skogafoss Seljalandsfoss Godafoss Dynjandi

Iceland – Day 15

Today we took the rental car for our last drive in Iceland. We drove out to the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa to swim in the warm, mineral rich waters. The spa is located in a lava field in Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula in southwestern Iceland. The water temperature in the bathing and swimming area […]

Iceland – Day 14

The Golden Circle After the somewhat disappointing rain and gloominess of yesterday we were quite happy to see blue skies punctuated with fluffy white clouds. We’ve had more sun than rain on this trip and today was just tipping the weather scales that much more in our favor. Today we made our way back to […]

Iceland – Day 13

Today we did not drive ourselves. We toured the Landmannalaugar area of the interior of Iceland using a service. When researching this part of the trip it came to my attention that it would be necessary to ford some rivers to visit the sites. We have a 4X4 and it could take us, but Cynthia […]

Iceland – Day 12

The Scenic South Shore Hunkubakkar to Hróarslækur – 128 miles It was bound to happen. Our weather luck ran out. Rain, rain and more rain. Our first scheduled stop was Reynishverfi. An area on the beach with cliffs full of nesting birds. When we got there, there was a howling wind that that was doing […]

Iceland – Day 11 – Part 2

It was like night and day. One minute we’re under gloomy skies and rain, the next minute we’re under blue skies and blazing sun. The Icelanders will tell you “that’s Iceland!” with a big smile. It was amazing to see the glacier topped mountains sparkling in the sun. As we drove along we noticed a […]

Iceland – Day 11 – Part 1

The Glacier Lagoon & Skaftafell National Park Hofn to Hunkubakkar – Drive 125 miles As I suspected, the morning proved to be quite gloomy and overcast. Our decision to visit the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon the previous evening proved to be a prudent one. It was raining and foggy when we left our hotel and proceeded […]

Iceland – Day 10

Egilsstaðir to a guest house a few miles north of Hofn – 166 miles Today we would be driving through the scenic East Fjords of Iceland. This morning it looked like our weather luck might have run out. It rained all last night and was raining when we hit the road. Once we made our […]

Iceland – Day 9

Laugar to Egilsstaðir – 181 miles We drove up tp Húsavík which is a very lovely little town. The harbor, especially. We decided not to take a whale watching tour. While it would be cool to see some whales, it’s never a guarantee and it is an investment of time and money. Plus, Cynthia has […]

Iceland – Day 8 – Part 2

We wrapped up this day’s activities by driving on to Krafla to see the power station and see the Viti crater. Viti is Icelandic for Hell. The crater is pretty awesome and filled with water which is turquoise in color. We marvelled at the power station and noticed that some of the pipes used to […]