Bandwidth Bandits Beware!

My post about the 5 Minute Mug Cake has proven to be one of my more popular posts here at I am amazed by the number of hits it receives from people who have been sent the link via e-mail, found it referenced on another blog or just plain search the term “5 minute […]

Give Me Coffee

I am not now, nor have I ever been a Starbucks loyalist. That being said, I consume (on average) one Venti coffee purchased at a Starbucks each day. Not so much because their coffee is good, which it usually is, but because it’s consistent. From day to day I am Mr. Routine. For years I […]

What’s wrong with Clear Channel?

In a recent blog post, Michael Garfield – the yadda yadda Texan asks “And what’s wrong with Clear Channel?” This was in response to a comment made by Mark Cuban of Blog Maverick fame when he said of Youtube’s recent announcement about paying for content : Youtube immediately went from a small but interesting community […]

Angels we have heard on high, inflate to the proper P-S-I

It started, innocently enough, with a lawn ornament in front of our neighbor’s house. We have named it the “Farting Bear” for obvious reasons. This bear has fueled an ongoing discussion between Cynthia and myself about the nature of Xmas decorations in the south. We both agree that, while this is a winter holiday, it’s […]

The times they are a changin’

I really don’t want to be one of those old guys who goes on and on about how things were done when I was young. Yea, I wax nostalgic about things like the first digital watches or my old Tandy TRS-80 I had back in 1978. But that doesn’t prevent me from revelling in a […]

Considerations practical and personal

It sets off a nerve every time I hear someone rant about the loss of personal liberties when it comes to something like a law requiring drivers to wear safety belts. There is a long running debate in this country as to whether driving is a right or a privilege. Arguments for either side are […]

jRant – Don’t be a bandwidth bandit

I love using pictures to spruce up my blog entries and I’m lucky enough to have a server I can host my images on. If I didn’t have my own server I would use something like Flickr. Every time someone views one of my entries it consumes bandwidth on the link my server is connected […]

Dealing with your IT professional

There’s a lot of focus these days on customer service. And while it’s true that the service professional is responsible for his role in any customer service interaction, there are things that the customer can do to help facilitate a positive experience. With that in mind, I offer these tips for dealing with your IT […]


You know that program for Windows called Weatherbug? That little application you install on your PC to give you weather updates live to your desktop? That program that chirps at you when a line of thunderstorms is barreling down on your location? Of course you do. You might even use it yourself. I hate that […]