The Great Meyer Lemon Harvest Of ’09

We went ahead and harvested the lemons from our Meyer Lemon Tree. The dry conditions seem to be causing the lemons not to fully ripen. We’ll see if we can get any usable lemon juice from them and also see if they will ripen off the tree.

Can you say lemon meringue pie?

4 thoughts on “The Great Meyer Lemon Harvest Of ’09

  1. So glad you published this photo. Allen was refusing to harvest our Meyer lemons because they were not yet yellow – he is now convinced I was correct that green might be as close to yellow as we could get. So far, the ones we’ve had have been excellent – tart but not unbearably so, and very bright. Enjoy!

  2. My goodness! Your tree is certainly productive. If I were still in Houston, I’d be over for Lemon Meringue pie! Yum!

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