Danish Kroner

Danish Kroner

Danish Kroner

We’ve traveled to the U.K. so we’re familiar with the GBP aka Pound Sterling (£) and we’ve been to Europe a few times so we quite familiar with the Euro (€) but our upcoming trip to Copenhagen, Denmark will be our first adventure in Scandinavia. In Denmark they have not adopted the Euro, though this may change in 2011. For the time being, the currency in Denmark is the DKK aka The Krone (kr) and it’s our first time dealing with this currency.

The current exchange rate is 5.06648 DKK to 1 US Dollar. So that means we’ll be doing a lot of dividing by 5 to figure out just how much money we’re spending while on this vacation. Should prove interesting. We have pre-ordered some DKK so we have money when we hit the ground as is our usual modus operandi. There is nothing worse than trying to convert to some local currency after 15-20 hours of travel time.

Since I blog everything about the trip I of course had to photograph the kroner for posterity. When pulling the image into Photoshop to resize it for the blog an interesting thing happened.

The same thing happened when I photographed the Euros for our trip to Belgium last Christmas, but it still kind freaks me out a little.

I did my best to adhere to the posted rules regarding the legitimate reproduction of DKK linked in the warning message.

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  1. Jay,

    Try using Preview. It has Select, Crop, Resize, Rotate, Flip, and Color Adjustment under the Tools menu. Don’t know if it’s smart enough to detect money, but it’s worth a try.

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