Moon Cookie

I wanted to see how the Minolta 500mm f/8 Reflex would do in a moon shot. Not too bad, as it turns out. Needed a smidge of sharpening in Photoshop but the detail is there. Through the haze last night the half moon looked more like a half-eaten cookie. Close Moon Cookie Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, moon cookie.

To Photograph A Mockingbird

One of the more elusive visitors to the backyard feeders. This guy paused for a few photos before deciding that no amount of suet was worth risking an extended visit. Both shot with the vintage Minolta 500mm f/8 Reflex. Note the smoke ring-like circular bokeh in the second picture, a characteristic of this kind of […]

Backyard Bird Report – May 25, 2009

Gus (the guy over at who keeps “borrowing” content from has dubbed me the “Stay At Home Nature Photographer” which I suppose is in reference to the number of pics I take around the house of the birds and so forth. All in good fun, I’m sure. This holiday weekend we had the […]

Technology Expert?

I was asked if I was available for an interview for ABC 13 for a segment on social networking. In the piece that aired on the 4:00 pm news I briefly explained the basics of Facebook and Twitter. This aired on ABC These are the extended interviews that did not make the air but […]

Get Some Sleep And Dream Of Rock And Roll

Peter King of the Light Rock Express rolled up to the Continental Club in his latest acquisition, a 1978 Chevy Van RV. It was a surprise for the members of the band who took some time enjoying some cold Löwenbräu with their manager William S. Graham before their performance on Friday evening. Close Chevy Van […]

Fleetwood Mac @ The Toyota Center

After the Geek Gathering I wandered over to the Continental Club where I ran into Chris Gray, the music dude for The Houston Press. He asked if I was free on Saturday as he needed someone to shoot the Fleetwood Mac concert @ The Toyota Center. I told him I was available and he asked […]