Venus Moon Rising

Taken @ 6:15 AM April 22nd 2009
View On Black

On the way to work Cynthia and I spotted the moonrise with accompanying Venus. It was sooooo pretty and I really wanted to get a picture. Sadly, I was not carrying the gear needed to get the shot. Cynthia was kind enough to support me in my decision to turn around and quickly go home so I could whip out the tripod and the SAL 70-300G lens and snap this picture.

I confess to a little Photoshop lens flare on the Venus part, but that’s all original for Mr. Moon.

5 thoughts on “Venus Moon Rising

  1. Check out today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (aka APOD). Someone else had the same idea. (if you don’t get there today April 24, go to archives at the bottom of the page and click on this date.)

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