Gulliver Park – Valencia

While I was exploring a Google map of Valencia, preparing our visit, I came across what appeared to be a giant man laying on the ground.

I showed it to Cynthia and she told me she had read about it one of our guide books and told me it was Parque Gulliver (Gulliver Park). A giant playground built in the shape of Gulliver of Gullvier’s Travels.

It’s a pretty cool space and even cooler that I went from viewing it from a sattelite photo to sitting in Gulliver’s hand…

Two in the hand

Two in the hand

I am such nerd for this kind of thing!

2 thoughts on “Gulliver Park – Valencia

  1. Not a nerd! I felt exactly the same. We had discovered Gulliver on a web search of ‘things to do for children in Valencia. Showed it the children and they were like WOW! we’ve got to go there, so it was virtually the first stop on our trip. This place is amazing, it’s huge! And Yes, I must admit to getting a bit of a buzz walking down the slope into the park and spying Gulliver through the trees for the first time. Watch your elbows on the slides though, we all got matching friction burns on ours!

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