3 thoughts on “Raiders

  1. If your feeders on a pole, and not near any trees, you could grease up the pole, and or put a sheild on the pole to keep the squirrels from climbing up it.

    But if there’s anything they can jump from they will.

  2. After the squirrel discussion we had over dinner the other week, I started thinking about anti-squirrel tactics. Perhaps Cynthia could try a non-lethal trick my parents used against neighbor cats? They filled a squirt bottle with water and a tiny amount of ammonia. Not enough to harm the animal but enough to annoy it with the unpleasant odor. Hopefully the squirrels aren’t clever enough to figure out that the squirts happen only when someone’s home. But even if they do, C might still get a kick out of hitting the little buggers with the blast of stinky water.

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