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Brussels – Day 2

Mini Europe

Woke up early (surprisingly), got breakfast and ventured onto the Brussels Metro to make our way out to the outskirts of town and visit The Atomium and Mini-Europe.

We thought we’d only be about an hour but we ended up staying most of the day. There will be many pictures to see after I get back home and process them.


The Atomium is really cool to see. It looks like one of the aliens from War Of The Worlds or something. Quite a site.

After returning back to the hotel we re-combobulated and headed back out for more festive festival action.

Street 2

One of the cooler things they have here are these VERY elaborate carrousels. Looks very Jules Vern


Carrousel 2

We hiked down to the skating rink which is festival central with the crystal Christmas tree and a heated restaurant tent.

Winter Wonders Skating

On our way back to the hotel for the night we stopped for warm wine and waffles


Hot Wine

Tomorrow we are planning to visit a few museums and stay a little warmer. For now, bedtime as we are exhaustulated.


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