Sabine Street Bridge


At some point everybody shoots a picture of the downtown Houston skyline from the Sabine Street Bridge. This shot was processed for HDR using 3 separate images I took just as the sun was going down. Each was shot at varying exposures on the 11-18mm ultra-wide angle lens and blended together using Photomatix

Due to the rampant theft of this image I was forced to remove the high res version. If you would like to purchase this photo for use on your Web site, please contact me.

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  1. Is that taken from the little park between White Oak Dr. & I-10?

  2. Hey,

    I just did a search for ‘sabine st bridge’ and your page popped up first. just giving you props.

    see you back on flickr.

  3. Looks like a realestate company in Houston likes your photo also, hope they paid you for it.

    about halfway down.

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