As some may remember, the wrestling organization WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) used to be called WWF (World Wrestling Federation).

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Why did the WWF change their name to the WWE?

The WWF have been in a court battle with the World Wildlife Fund since 1994 over the rights to the “WWF” initials. Both parties came to an agreement in which the World Wrestling Federation would use the “WWF” initials for limited use only. However, with the WWF becoming insanely popular in the late ’90s the “limited use” agreement became a hard thing to obey which caused the World Wildlife Fund to take the WWF to court yet again.

As they years went by it appeared as if the World Wrestling Federation would overcome the court battle and not have to deal with the matter anymore. The court battle became very intense in late 2001 which many thought the World Wildlife Fund would win but only get writes to the “wwf.com” domain name.

Then in early May of 2002, the judge ruled in favor of the World Wildlife Fund for the rights to the “WWF” initials. Many believe the reason the judge ruled in favor of the World Wildlife Fund was due to the fact that the organization had been founded in 1961 while the World Wrestling Federation changed to the “WWF” initials in 1979. The WWF then changed their name to the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) as a result of losing the case.

So what if the court decided that the two organizations would have to continue to share the WWF name? What if the two organizations actually MERGED?

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  1. Ha ha thats really funny… imagine wrestling pandas, wrestling people… well, if you got them to wrestle sarah palin I think it’s a great idea

    That would make mine and WWF’s day

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