Birdage Report

Blue Jays have been no strangers to our neighborhood but have not really been seen much in our yard despite the ample food in the form of seed and suet. This has changed recently. There’s been a huge Jay coming in from the Magnolia tree in the back of the yard to the feeding area and quickly zooming away. We suspect that one has built a nest either in our back yard or one of the adjacent yards.

He’s quite the site to see.

Photo by Cynthia

On a related note, the House Finches are back and Ricky and Lucy seem to be gearing up to bring us another baby Cardinal.

Today was also our first Hummingbird sighting since putting out the feeders a few weeks ago.

And lastly, a small, fast moving Sapsucker has been sighted in bush outside the front window. I think it’s a male Yellow Bellied. At first I thought it was a Woodpecker due to the very distinct red, black and white markings. He looks like this guy.

Probably the male counterpart to last year’s visitor

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