7 thoughts on “Robot Building

  1. I-10 and Gessner, not 59. I thought it looked like a reactor Cooling Tower until they started putting glass on it. It’s gonna be ugly regardless.

  2. great…thanks a lot, jay. now when i go play my hockey games on saturday nights at memorial city mall, i’ll be looking over my shoulder to see if the giant robot lookin’ building is coming for me. =P

  3. Hey Jay, it’s Vinnie! Just ran across your blog post regarding the tower. My company is currently going behind the original access control contractor and fixing things up a bit. It may be an eyesore but it’s going to have a heck of a good access control system once everything is said and done. Been missing y’all at the festival, it’s like a redneck grin there without the Fish. Anyway, say hi to Cynthia for me.


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