Barcelona – Wild Parrots

We were walking toward the Sagrada Familia doing some sightseeing when I heard a VERY familiar bird squawk.

It was the squawk of the Quaker Parrot (aka Monk Parrot) which is the type of bird Cynthia owns, the one that hates me.

We walked into the park and sure enough, up in the tree was a Quaker Parrot

As we looked around we saw more and more of them in the park.

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They were EVERYWHERE! All up in the trees and waddling along the ground competing with the pigeons for food.

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And I am sure they all hated me, just like Mr. Zippers. Just look at them…

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Apparently there’s a very large colony of them in that park. I saw at least 4 or 5 dozen birds and one giant communal nest.

*pictures 1, 2 & 3 courtesy of Cynthia and her excellent telephoto lens.

2 thoughts on “Barcelona – Wild Parrots

  1. Lovely photos, the llittle green flying beavers look healthy and enjoying themselves. Thanks for another glimpse of a flock of Quaker Parrots from Spain. It’s too bad that the politicians in Barcelona are preparing to exterminate these wonderful urban birds in that city. Take as many pictures of them as you can because they may not be there next year.


  2. Horrible little things they are… pretty, but not pretty enough to keep from biting your finger off! My granny has one of those heinous little birds. It bites people, and then LAUGHS.

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