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After our day at the museum and a brief siesta we decided to have a walk around the Plaza Mayor.

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At night it is a very lovely place. The weather is holding and it’s very soothing to be out and about.

Cynthia had read in her Rick Steve’s guide book that the Casa Rúa offered a tasty bocadillo calamare for 2 euros.

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Yup, a squid sandwich! YUM!

All kinds of characters roam the plaza. This group of ladies were all sporting light-up bunny ears.

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I’m sure they were having quite the good evening.

As we strolled past the various restaurants and shops we saw something that caught our eye and caused us to both stop dead in our tracks.

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There’s a message here, I’m certain.

We stopped to take a couple of portraits. This one I shot of Cynthia

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And this one is Cynthia’s first successful no-flash night shot

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We headed off for a night-cap of churros and chocolate at San Ginés Chocolateria

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After that, we returned, tired and happy to our hotel

Tomorrow, Segovia!


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