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Jack – 2007 Honda Accord V6

Meet Jack

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Because a brand new car is a brand new car for only a short period of time …

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*odometer photograph taken by Cynthia*


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4 thoughts on “Jack – 2007 Honda Accord V6

  1. It’s black.. In Houston. Sure you waited til summer is almost over to buy a black car but you know it’s gonna come around again next year.
    Sharp looking car though. Congrats

  2. VROOOOOOOOOM!! Congrats on the new wheels! I’m sure you’ll enjoy them for years to come: I’ve known several people who’ve owned Accord V6 Coupes, and they tend to keep them for about 10 years or more, which is a long time to keep a car in today’s world . . .

  3. Just dropping in to let you know you have an interesting site. I hope you’ll continue to work on it. Wishing you all the best.

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