What’s for dinner?

Cynthia has been working steady the last 6 months or so on her latest quilt entitled “What’s for dinner?” She first envisioned the idea over a year ago and began to collect various fabric swatches with prints featuring edible items.She completed it today

In the above picture Cynthia is standing on a small step stool so the quilt doesn’t touch the ground.

The individual blocks are pretty neat. There’s picnic ants on a raiding party, all manner of deserts along with fruits, vegetables and even my favorite, sushi! There’s even one small swatch of some laughing mice which amuses Cynthia
to no end…

You can click on any of the blocks in the table below to see a larger, more detailed view.

The reason this quilt took so long to complete is that all of the quilting (including the stipple quilting) was done completely by hand.

Click for full size

Click for full size

Click for full size

It was intended to be hung in the kitchen but now that it’s complete and we’ve had a chance to think about it we plan to hang it in the breakfast room.

Cynthia was glad to finally complete this and as exhausting and tedious as it was toward the end, she’s already started work on the next quilt…

14 thoughts on “What’s for dinner?

  1. I tell ya that woman is amazing! That quilt is so cool. I bet it was fun to collect all those pieces of fabric.

    I’m so glad that hand quilting is not a lost art. Sewing isn’t something I do, but I appreciate the craftsmanship required to create something as marvelous as this.

  2. My sister (who lives in Woodland Heights) and I both quilt, but we are too lazy(?) to do it all by hand. We know how to do it, just want to have the projects done a bit faster. Very nicely done! Cynthia’s quilting is fabulous. Did she use the same green print of the sashing and borders for the back?

  3. I sent the URL to my sister, because I knew she would be impressed. Her reply follows:

    “WOW! When I first started looking at the individual blocks I wondered why you thought the quilting was impressive because it was simply X’s in the individual patches and looked like machine quilting. But reading on I found that it was hand quilting. That’s impressive by itself. But then looking at the close stippling. Still looks fine and even and straight enough to be machine quilting. WOW doesn’t do it justice.”

  4. I am in total awe. And not just because I thought she had turned into a
    7-foot-tall Amazon in a few short weeks’ time.

    That is some fantastic work and I can’t even imagine hand-stippling, let
    alone piecing together enough swatches to make a whole quilt.

    Just…. wow.

  5. Oh my Goodness. Another masterpiece.
    I covet it.
    I almost fell out of my chair when I read that she hand stitched EVERYTHING. It looks more perfect than if I did that on a machine.

    AMAZING and inspiring!
    *standing ovation*

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