Geek ink blot test

A funny thing happened when Cynthia was reading the manual for her new camera.

From time to time, as she was reading the manual, she would come to my office and excitedly tell me about some feature or another that her camera had. I would stop what I was doing and we’d discuss the feature and I would impart whatever information I could to add to her understanding and, of course, agree about how cool it was or whatever.

At one point I heard her exclaim from the other room “That’s what the cupcake button does!!”


“Cupcake button?”, I thought to myself. I thought she was exploring her camera. Maybe she had moved on to the bread maker and discovered a new feature or something.

Again Cynthia appears in my office doorways and again exclaims “I know what the cupcake button does!”

And then she points it out on her new camera.

It’s the delete button and most of us know that icon. But not Cynthia. To her it simply looked like a cupcake.

I can only imagine what it might be like if Cynthia were ever to take a Rorschach inkblot test.

I kind of like living in a world where technology comes equipped with a cupcake button.

4 thoughts on “Geek ink blot test

  1. Oh goodness – that is fabulous! I’ve always seen it as a trash can, but from now on I will see it as a cupcake. And when I go to delete a shot, I will tell the camera to “eat the cupcake!”

    The wine button? That tops it off. Or is it a martini locator button?

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