Tall blondes

It is no secret that Cynthia’s absolute favorite creature on the entire planet is the giraffe.

The first time I ever visited Cynthia’s apartment when we were first dating it was hard to miss the life-size giraffe sculpture in the living room, a sculpture Cynthia had made from scratch using dowels, chicken wire, paper mache and finished in polymers and which, to this day, dominates our dining room.

For Cynthia’s birthday this year I arranged a behind the scenes tour of the Houston Zoo’s giraffe exhibit. Our tour was this past Saturday and it was a blast!

It was a chance to get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures

Cynthia gets a nuzzle from Kiva

Cynthia joins the herd

Nigel likes the carrots

It was incredible being so close to these animals.
Cynthia claims it was the best birthday present EVER!

So now I guess I have my work cut out for me for next year….

You can see many more pictures from the encounter here.

7 thoughts on “Tall blondes

  1. Wow, that is absolutely amazing! It really started my day off with an ear to ear grin. Perhaps next year should be a photo safari to Africa to see them in the wild.

  2. I did dnot know that Cynthia made that giraffe. Cool. Kudos to you on arranging the giraffe field trip. That was really cool.

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