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  1. I love these guys. I have 2 in my backyard that spin huge webs across my patio and trap me sometimes. They get destroyed when I accidentally walk into them and I feel bad but they always rebuild them even larger. I have an orange one and a red one. Am I weird because I actually “pet” them every now and then too? They are just too cute!

  2. are these jeweled spiders poision? they are in my back yard i always take the broom with me to get them out of my way.

  3. Just wanted to add us to the list of areas that have these jeweled spiders. We initially thought that the spines were part of a house for the spider. then, we saw him, her, move. We had never seen one before. We left his/her web where it was. Glad to know they aren’t dangerous. We are in coastal Georgia.

  4. I looooove these spiders!!! i found them last year and after reading about em just fell in love with these lil guys. GREAT PHOTO!! nice to know im not the only one that likes em!! their webs are sooo beautiful when the dew is on them in the morning. i just missed a web about 3 minutes ago when i went outside.. I have moved him like 4 times!!

  5. Hello …. just wanted to let you know that I saw one of these Jewelled Spiders, today, for the first time. I was so intrigued! They are beautiful! I tried to take a close up, but the web was blowing in the breeze. The one I saw is white with the orange shell-like body. I will try to add the picture I took. The spider was about the size of a nickel.
    Sue in Land O Lakes, Florida
    I don’t know how to add my photo.

  6. I found one today in the Central Florida Area of Plant City. It actually had fallen out of a Tree and went down the back of my Jacket it was White with Black Specs.

  7. wanted to let everyone know that my son and I just found a jeweled spider at the front of the house it’s been there about a week . We had never seen one before, and are having much fun watching it. I live in Williamsburg, VA. are they very common here?

  8. These spiders come in a number of different species and are common in a great many states in the late summer and fall. The webs tend to be compact but the anchor lines can be surprisingly long. They are most often found around outbuildings and in wooded areas.
    These spiders are harmless to people. Like most web spiders, they are functionally blind. They do not know we exist unless we walk through the webs.
    Enjoy them but don’t fear them.

  9. Personally I have way too many of these in my backyard. I feel like every jewelled spider in South Florida lives in my pool house. I know they are harmless but in these numbers they are just a nuisance.

  10. I have found a few in my patio, I am in Fort Myers, FL. First question my mom asked was if they were poisonous, And the answer is no, they will have local pain and swelling, contact a doctor if it continues after you compress it with ice or something though, you can be allergic to them. I would love to get a good picture of them, they are beautiful.

  11. Thanks for all of the comments! I was glad to find this information, since I’ve been wondering about these spiders in my yard for the last few weeks. I’m in Houston, and the only variety I’ve seen is the black and white version (although I haven’t gotten a good look at the underside of one yet).

  12. I live in Clermont, Fl and we have some rather large oak trees in my backyard that have an abundance of these beautiful spiders. No orange ones though. Only the white with black spots and red spikes.

  13. in my pops garden theres one and we called him spike and he made a cocoon and layed eggs in it so we have keeped the eggs so we have more pets but the thing is spike just left there very weird spiders and (next paragraph above)

  14. A friend of mine just posted a photo of one of these spiders on her facebook page. Hers is a wierd looking yellow. We are in Louisiana

  15. I am normally not afraid of spiders. I’ve held at least every spider I’ve seen so far in my life, including a turantula we used to have as a pet. But I saw one of these Jeweled Spiders a second before walking into it and instantly freaked out. I guess it reminded me of a Tree Frog, and how their bright colors mean they’re poisonous…but this one was pale yellow with black spots and blood-red thorns. Despite being eerie, it was very beautiful. I managed to take a picture, but my camera phone did not do its brilliant colors justice.


    I live in Cape Coral, FL. I suppose they like to live in warmer climates.

  16. hi I live in Austraila and we have them here as well I have only ever seen two,so I am not sure if they are common here..they make there web on my boys swings sets.

  17. I have one of these spiders living on my front porch! It is yellow with black spots. It has been here for about 3 or 4 months. It recently moved its web from one spot on the porch to another.

  18. We just discovered this guy yesterday. We homeschool and have completely stopped our bird unit to study this guy! I also just ran out the door in my pj’s to stop the landscapers from tearing down the web. Considering caution tape next?! 🙂

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