The mind is a terrible thing to taste

The following conversation between Cynthia and myself as we prepared to go to sleep last night is just one the billion reasons I love this woman:

Setup: We are in the early planning stages of our next European vacation

J: I found a way to fund our trip!
C: Does it involve the sale of organs or blood?
J: How did you know?!?
C: I know you, Jay….
J: I figure we each have a kidney to spare
C: I seem to recall you giving away a perfectly good gall bladder
J: Perfectly good?!? It was full of gall stones as you might recall
C: Well? caveat emptor I say
J: For sale, one slightly used gall bladder, may contain some gallstones
J: [feigning the voice of a third party] Hey! This gall bladder’s no good!
J: No refunds

[much laughter]

C: We’re not selling our organs, Jay
J: I know

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