Men of Substance

There were a few years at Ren Faire that the band was not playing.
During one of those seasons I was in an acting troup. We billed ourselves as the Men of Substance.
We told stories to the patrons (including the Tale Of Sawny Bean) and walked the festival being as pompous and as arrogant as we could.

The Men Of Substance – 1991
Bill Sanders, Danny Gilles, Larry Boozer and me.

3 thoughts on “Men of Substance

  1. those were the days!!!!!
    a friend of mine saw this and called me…told me to check it out.
    we were cute weren’t we ?
    i would ask you how you are doing but it seems obvious that you
    are quite well, i am very glad to say.
    later my friend,
    your friend,a man of great substance,
    and abuse,

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