Funny? Or funny looking?

Ok, it’s official. I am on a diet. Weight Watchers to be exact.
My first goal is to lose 22 pounds.

Should be doable.

I am not all that tall so being overweight tends to make me look a bit like a furry beach-ball so I have some incentive.

On the plus side I don’t drink much, especially not beer.

Yesterday I stayed within my WW point allotment. I resisted a double-meat Whataburger with all my will. It was a colossal struggle to be sure. The victory growl in my stomach heralded my triumph of will.

I chose, instead, to polish off my remaining 9 points with a shrimp salad from Berry Hill and a Lonestar at The Big Top after the show.

Katie was responsible for tipping me off about the shrimp salad.

I am finding a lot of support for this lifestyle change which is a HUGE plus.

Speaking of looks, it has again been brought to my attention that I bear a resemblance to Lee Arenberg, you know, the bald headed guy with the broken thumbs from Seinfeld?

I guess it’s better than looking like the dwarf he played in the Dungeons and Dragons movie or Pintel from Pirates of the Caribbean.

2 thoughts on “Funny? Or funny looking?

  1. You can do this! Eating healthy is so much fun for me. It make me smile to think about you being around a little longer 😀

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