1919 – 2005

The angle is not exactly the same. It appears the picture of my grandfather was shot from an elevated position… I also suspect the flag pole was further away from the building in 1919. At least it appears to be when you compare different aspects of the two photos.

Still, I got what I was looking for.
A picture of myself at the same location (St. Mark’s Basillica) as my grandfather in 1919.

Maybe I am a dork, but I think it’s pretty cool.

7 thoughts on “1919 – 2005

  1. You are missing the man in the Bowler hat walking away too, but all in all I think you got the effect you were after ; )

  2. I actually think the old photo is lower, closer, and wider angle.
    I also doubt seriously the poles have moved.

    But overall nicely approximated.

  3. The three flag-poles were carved in 1505, by goldsmith and sculptor Alessandro de’Leopardi, symbolize the Venetian Kingdoms of Cyprus, Candia (Crete) and Morea.

    But have they moved – possibly!

    Measures have been taken to tackle flooding in St. Mark’s Square. The square is often partially flooded, but when the tide is higher than normal it is totally submerged. This happens about seven times a year. But water also rises through the underground drainage system and filters through the subsoil. To address this there was talk of raising the pavement; but I believe the ancient network of underground tunnels was insulated instead. These tunnels had partially collapsed and caused subsidence in the pavement in the Piazza, and some levelling work has been done.

    Also, in the 1942 the 4 horses were moved to Padua. In 1945 the horses came back to the Basilica of St. Mark – It’s possible, but not recorded, that the flog poles travelled with them.

  4. I agree that the aspect ratio has changed, and Tin is right about the possibility of the pole having been moved.

    I’m big on my own family ties, so seeing you do this gave me the warm fuzzies. What a wonderful opportunity to have taken advantage of!

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