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So, my friend Bill Shirley has announced his “plan” to go to Belgium, Holland and France in June.

I have not even left for my trip (which includes those very same destinations) and I am envious!
Good lord, what is wrong with me?

To say I am amped up about my own trip would be an understatement.
I fear now I may be jinxing myself just talking about it. These next few weeks are going to be tense with stress.

I am knocking on wood and request Dekan and Andrea please do the same (on my behalf).

The End of the WorldDistraction is the name of the game. The last two Saturdays have included a trip to The Flying Saucer to be introduced to Belgian and Belgian style beers. Kind of a warm up, if you will. The staff there are quite knowledgeable and during the day very patient while educating the beer simpletons about the various brews.

Cynthia has become a fan of lambic style beers. I have discovered Fin Du Monde.

Our excursions have really only served to heighten our sense of anticipation. Still, it’s been fun. And I have a new appreciation of beer that will, with any luck at all, serve me well in Belgium. I suppose this is why I am envious of Bill’s trip. I am certain once I go I will develop a taste for well made beer and want to return to the land of beer often.


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  1. We’ll be at the Flying Saucer this Saturday, but not until 7 PM. I’m THINKING about joining the UFO club.

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