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Shove, stuff, squeeeeeeze

I did a dry run on packing “The Bag” for the trip.
Not a lot of room in a bag this size.
Sacrifices must be made, compromises must be discovered.

Goodbye form, hello functionality.

  • No laptop. I wanted it to store images on and access the Internet when available. Shlepping those extra 6 pounds is not worth it. Instead I am borrowing a pocket sized 20 gig card reader to offload my images.
  • 1/3 the stash of socks and underwear. Laundry on the road or buying new. Those are the choices.
  • Khaki pants instead of jeans. They are lighter in the pack and I can carry more.
  • So I got it all packed. 20 lbs. Not bad.


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    One thought on “Shove, stuff, squeeeeeeze

    1. There actually is such a thing as disposable underwear. You wear them, you throw them away, your luggage gets roomier bit by bit.
      Heard about them from a friend of mine. Google disposable underwear if you are interested.

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