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Probably one of the more “adventurous” aspects of our trip will be attempting to carry everything we need in a backpack style bag.

No bigger than a carry on sized piece of luggage, it measures 9″ x 21″ x 14″ and is ultra light weight.

So yea, basically we are backpacking across Europe for 3 weeks. Of course we are riding the rail and staying in 4 star hotels and B&B’s the whole way….but still. Looks like we will buy clothing over there and/or do some laundry.

It’s going to be interesting but, as we learned on our trip to the UK, much more efficient. On our last vacation we had 3 bags each and it was a nightmare to move them from place to place. This method is much, MUCH more mobile and I think it will pay off in convenience.


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  1. Michael and I took one bag plus my laptop for 5 days at ACUS last week. We had to buy another bag to come back (we bought T shirts and acquired other souvenirs, plus his bag is old and started to rip when we zipped it on the way out). We carried less stuff than we did for our last 3-day trip to DC, and the travel was much better.

    I think you guys are being smart about this.

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